Data Storage

How much disk space do I have?

You are limited to 100 GB in your /home volume. Space in the /data volumes is not unlimited. However, there is usually 1 TB of space available for any new data.

Where can I store my data?

Please use our shared data locations for storing large data collections. If you have data that contains pesonally identifiable information (PII), please save that in your home directory (see "Where can I store data that I don't want anyone else to access?")

Certain projects in SCCN have their own dedicated space. Please consult with your supervisors if you are uncertain where to store data.

The temp location can be used to store files temporarily to be accessed by you or someone else, knowing that the files will exist for a limited time. IMPORTANT: Depending on the modification dates of the files, the files may be automatically deleted between one and 30 days of storing them in this location.

Accessing the data locations are different depending on which operating system you are using.


MATE (graphical desktop)

Double-click your home icon.

In the address bar, enter one of



To access our data folders, type one of

$ cd /data/projects
  $ cd /data/temp


Open a My Documents window.

If you don't have an address bar in your window (Windows XP Home Edition has this turned off by default), please follow these steps:

  • Select View > Toolbars > Address Bar.
  • Select Tools > Folder Options....
  • Click the View tab.
  • Click the Apply to All Folders button.
  • Click Yes.
  • Click OK.

To access our data folders, type one of


Enter your SCCN username and password..

Windows Login

To create a shortcut to one of these locations after you get access to the shared folder, drag the icon in the far left of the address bar to your desktop or another folder window.


From the Go... menu, choose Connect to Server...

You may access any of our data directories by typing one of:


Enter your SCCN username and password.

To create a bookmark to one of these locations, click the + to add it to the list.