Remote Access

How can I view a virtual desktop remotely?

X2GoFirst, download the X2Go client for your computer from here:

Windows users should install the extra fonts during the installation.

Run the X2Go Client.

Create a new session. You can use the pencil icon in the toolbar to create a new session.

Click the Session tab.

Enter the following.

Session name: jumping


Session type: MATE

Click the Connection tab.

Select Connection speed: WAN.

For slower connections, you may need to use ISDN.

Click the Input/Output tab.

Select Display: Maximum available.

Set display DPI*: 90.

Click OK.

*DPI determines the size of fonts in the remote desktop. If you prefer a larger font size, which results in larger terminal windows, use a larger value.

The value listed here is a reasonable value for 1920x1080 screens.

Now click the new settings button that was created for jumping..

You will be prompted to accept the host keys when you first connect. This is normal and will only appear once.

When finished with your session, there are several opttions.

Closing the remote window will suspend the session, meaning you can reconnect to the session later. All programs running will appear when you reconnect.

Clicking the pause icon in X2Go will suspend the session. Again, you will be able to reconnect to the suspended session later.

Clicking the on/off icon will terminate the session. This means the desktop and all programs running within it will be terminated. This is the option to use when you no longer need the running session or if the session become unusable for some reason. Reconnecting after using the terminate option will start up an all new virtual desktop session.