Lab Information

Welcome to the SCCN Lab Information section of the web site. We hope that many of your questions will be answered within these pages. We are constantly updating these pages as procedures and technology changes, so please check back if you have any questions about the operations of the SCCN.

These pages are grouped logically within the following sections. Use the menu above to navigate to each section.

Computing Resources

Information and setup guides for our lab computing resources.


This will take you to the official UC San Diego campus directory.

Experiment Procedures

Details for all things related to running your own experiments in the SCCN lab.


This is our current journal subscription list. This is somewhat obsolete since most journals are now online and available from within the UC San Diego Library system.

Lab Equipment

Information on our lab equipment available to you for running experiments in the SCCN lab.

SCCN Community

SCCN collaborates with many other labs and departments on the UC San Diego campus.

Visitor Information

Resources for visiting scholars and guests of SCCN who might want to venture out into the San Diego County wilderness.